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Deeper With Jesus Podcast

Live a deeper, more fulfilling and purpose-driven life as you listen to the Deeper With Jesus podcast. Join Michael Moreno and his guests of spirit-filled, Bible-believing musicians, artists, authors, ministers and organizations from around the world. You will be inspired and motivated to take your Christian walk to a higher level, activate your faith to receive miracles and experience a relationship with Jesus you never imagined. Michael Moreno is a living testimony of God’s power to heal and change lives. In 2014, he received an amazing miracle when he was completely healed from a crippling condition in his back, discs, and nerves. He is passionate about sharing Jesus with the world and his heart is about bringing all people to experience God’s love. Deeper with Jesus Podcast and, are projects founded and carried out by Michael under instructions from the Holy Spirit. The mission of these ministries is to effectively teach, reach and touch people of all walks of life, languages, races, and cultures from every nation on earth with the message of Christ.You can count on each episode of the Deeper with Jesus Podcast to be exciting, biblically sound and spirit-led, packed with spiritual truths that will transform your life.